Company History
In 1977 Dolores Clack decided she had lived in the state of California long enough. The opportunity to play professional basketball had drawn her away from Minnesota in the year of 1950. She spent 2 years playing for the All American Red Heads traveling womens basketball team and later settled in California, where her brother and sister had recently moved. Dolores attended law school in Sacramento where she paid for her tuition with wages she made as a checker at the Raleys grocery store chain. As a full time student working a full-time job, she learned the value of hard work. Soon after completion of law school she met her future husband and they settled just south of Fresno, where she became a licensed realtor and a busy mother of five children. It was always her dream to someday return to Northern Minnesota where she was born and raised.

In 1977, she and the family left California and headed to Park Rapids. After purchasing a home on Long Lake, it didnt take long for everyone to decide it had been a great move. Her kids learned why Minnesota held such a fascination for her and enjoyed a deep appreciation for the beauty and tranquility of the northern lakes area and the seemingly endless pine and hardwood forests.

Dolores went to work selling real estate for Haaland Real Estate in Park Rapids and later for Straight River Land and Cattle Company. She was a consistent top producer and she enjoyed sales in a time when a good rate for a mortgage was nearly 18%! In 1983 (just six years after moving back home) Dolores decided the time was right to open her own real estate brokerage and proudly chose the name Dolores P. Clack Real Estate. She and her husband, Jim, purchased the former Menagerie dime store on Main Street and began the unenviable task of renovating the building for use as an office. That original building was home to the company for 22 years, from 1983 through 2005. Dolores began with little more than a desk, typewriter and telephone and nurtured the business into one of Minnesotas most successful real estate firms. After a very humble beginning, the company is consistently ranked in the top five franchise offices in the state of Minnesota.

Dolores passed away in 1999 and left a legacy of excellence in the hands of the current owners, her son Justin, and her long-time office manager, Diane Dennis. Coldwell Banker Clack and Dennis Real Estate continued to grow. In March of 2005, the purchase of Straight River Real Estate was completed and the company moved to the new facility at the corner of Main Street and Highway #34. The agents and owners from the former Straight River Real Estate business stayed on and have become a highly valued part of the Coldwell Banker family.